Saturday 24 February 2018

Crimson Fists Primaris Intercessors Second Squad

Well I’ve just managed to finish off my third squad of Primaris Space Marines this week.

This time it was a second five-man squad of Intercessors for my vast force of Crimson Fists. This now pushes my force of my Primaris Astartes up to a grand total of five Hellblasters and ten Intercessors.

As I’ve said multiple times previously these
Primaris Marines are simply a joy and pleasure to paint and I absolutely love my painting sessions when these guys are on the table. Honestly I can lose hours just applying paints to these lovely sculpts.

For these guys I did the initial basecoat with my new airbrush that I got as a birthday present back in November... but the layering and shading that followed was all done by hand. I really find the airbrush very useful for speeding up those initials layers of base paint on my models!

The only slight drama that I have found with these monopose models from the Dark Imperium boxed set is that the shoulder pads can be a bit uneven. These imperfections can create some minor problems when applying transfers. In this case I heartily recommend using microsol and microset solutions on the transfers (coupled with a shed load of patience!)

The Sergeant model really shows the clean lines and smooth curves that make these models take so well to neat and gradual highlighting. 

The transfers that I used for the Fist symbols on the shoulder pads were from the old Forge World range that sadly are no longer available. 

As regular readers of the blog will know I’m something of a perfectionist and so I couldn’t help but paint a full radar display on this marine’s hand held auspex... and then go even further by highlighting each of the individual lines on the display screen...twice!

Next up I’ll probably look at painting the Primaris Lieutenants and Captain from the Dark Imperium set to lead these über-marines into combat.


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    1. Thanks mate! I am in love with these Primaris models!

  2. They are impressive by themselves, but the paintjob you did here is out of scale in my awesometer :O :O

    1. Thanks Suber! It’s easier to do good paint jobs on models that are so enjoyable to paint

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    1. Thanks dude. I need to get some more assembled and primed when I get the chance!