Friday, 24 October 2014

Rogue Trader Whirlwind - Salamanders

The latest addition to my Rogue Trader army has now rolled off the production line and is ready to deal death to the enemies of the Imperium from its multiple rocket launchers. This is an original whirlwind that was released in 1992, so just within the timeframe to fit in with Rogue Trader (second edition came out a year later in 1993).

I have painted it to fit in with the rest of my Salamanders armour with a lot of hand painted glyphs and some classic chevroning....

I love this classic variant on the original Rhino chassis and it will fit in nicely with my Predators and Land Raider and I have tried to paint it to fit in with this original theme.

As you may have read in my last post I'm actually quite impressed with the new seventh edition rule set and so I have now been considering re-structuring my old school Salamanders army to play games of the compatible Horus Heresy rule set. The rules are pretty similar but the structure of Space Marine Legion Armies is substantially different to Codex Chapters. In light of this this Whirlwind will be re-designated as a Scorpios! 

The Scorpios is far more powerful than the standard Whirlwind, upping it to Strength 8 and AP3. Meaning that finally my Astartes have some artillery that can really eliminate power armoured troops!

Overall I am happy with this new I need to churn outside some more infantry in order to meet the squad requirements for a 30k legion force... I best break out the RTB01 beakies for a paint job!



  1. Once again I fall in love with your tanks. What a powerful inspiring view they offer.

    1. Many thanks mate; it is great to get some paint on these beautiful old models!!

  2. Great job. The green is so smooth, and the yellow and black really pop!

    1. Many thanks mate; I do love this old colour scheme; I think it's better than the shiny green of modern salamanders!