Saturday 10 May 2014

Liebster Award (Belated Post)

A while back my fellow blogger Suber ( ) awarded me a Liebster Award for my blog. This was a very proud moment for me, I take a lot of time on this blog and it's nice to know that people enjoy it; especially my fellow bloggers. 

I know we're a fairly niche online community but we're steadily growing in size so it's great to get a bit of recognition.

On award of a Liebster I as the recipient am required to do certain things, namely answer eleven questions asked by Suber; Give eleven truths about myself; and then nominate another eleven recipients. I initially wrote this post straight after my nomination, but my iPad deleted it after I had spent two hours writing it so I have had to re-write it today, so apologies for the delay!

Eleven Truths:

1) Despite having a hobby requiring fine detail precision I am the clumsiest man in the world... I have managed to injure myself three times in the last few months through simple clumsiness.

2) My gaming group are also my three best friends and I probably don't tell them how much I appreciate their friendship often enough.

3) All of the above gaming group have served on Operations either in Iraq; Afghanistan or both, and this experience brings a degree of realism to our hobby.

4) When I'm in the gym I visualise Space Marines, I once shouted 'We March for McCragge and we shall know no fear' so loudly that the lady next to me on the treadmill got off and went to an exercise machine further away.

5) I am secretly disappointed that I wasn't whisked away at age 11 by a ThunderHawk Gunship to become a Space Marine Neophyte.

6) I will never paint the amount of Old Lead I own....yet I still impulse buy more.

7) I slate GWs current business model and prices very loudly...yet still buy their products.

8) I have a Law Degree which I make no use of.

9) in furtherance to point 5.... I'd settle for bring taken for a bit of a Bio-Enhancement to be the Master Chief from HALO...

10) ...or Robocop .... The original 1987 one; not the crappy 2014 one

11) I hate driving

Now...the 11 questions I need to answer...

1. What do you enjoy most out of the 'tiny miniatures' hobby?

I think it's both the escapism and sense of relaxation that I experience when sitting at my desk painting my toys.

2. Is there anything that specially annoys you regarding painting minis/playing with them?

The gold banding on those bloody titans (see earlier posts).... Jesus that was soul destroying!

3. Lord of the Rings or Star Wars?

Star Wars... I'm a sci-fi boy; I don't really like fantasy that much. If it was an option I would have chosen Star Trek!!

4. What do you regret in life of having done/not having done?

Not having bought every Epic box set available on the hobby store shelves in my far distant youth!!

5. Do you dare to make an estimation of how many minis do you have?

Probably not; but it's got to be in the thousands...

6. Which is your most precious treasure among your collection?

My Rogue Trader Land Raider....beautiful model!

7. What is that project you have always wanted to begin but have never done (so far)?

My Horus Heresy Legion... I can never decide which Legion I want to paint!

8. How many hobby projects are you managing at the same time right now?

About seven or eight

9. What mini have you paid the most attention to when working on it?

My Storm Raven gunship for my Crimson Fists... I know it's not retro; but it's awesome!!

10. How did you end showing all this on your blog?

I love painting these models and wanted to share this enjoyment with a wider group of people who would appreciate them.

11. What are your most immediate projects so long?

My Epic forces for this years Oldhammer Day... I am loving the 6mm vibe.

Now for my nominations....

I love all of these blogs and read them everyday when I get the chance...


I'm sorry if you've already been nominated before guys... But I guess your blogs are now multi award winning sites...well done; keep up the good work!!

Here are my questions for you...

1. What year did you get into this fantastic hobby of ours?
2. What was your first model?
3. Do you still have it? (If so post a picture)
4. Are you more of a gamer or a painter?
5. How do your family feel about your hobby?
6. What's your favourite miniature?
7. How much do you reckon you spent on your hobby each year?
8. How do you feel about modern GW?
9. What's your current project?
10. Is your interaction with the Oldhammer community primarily online or are you lucky enough to have like mind friends you can share it with?
11. Fantasy or Sci-Fi

Well that's it guys... I shall look forward to seeing your replies!


  1. My other half has pointed out that she was missed out as being part of the 'Gaming Group' in the above post.

    I would like to clarify that she is the pre-eminent member of the group who plays more games with me than anyone else; something for which I am very grateful. So much so she even has her own 40k alter ego; the veritable Inquisitor Athena.

    She also wins most games too!

  2. Thankyou for the nomination, it's always nice to know someone reads my ramblings! I have been nominated before but I'll do my best to answer your questions next time I write a post! Cheers!

    1. I shall look forward to reading them. The trouble is we're such a small community that when we start nominating 11 blogs that is a good percentage of those available!

  3. Wow, I'm glad you decided yourself to take on the challenge! I can see that in fact we have more points in common that I thought ;). I really hope you keep on posting, it will be my pleasure reading you!

    1. Cheers Suber. I meant to answer it a while back; but I was thwarted by technology.

      I guess I didn't offer proper observance to the machine spirits!!

      I shall also continue to take great pleasure in reading g your blog my friend.

  4. Thanks a lot Legio ! You have more than earned your award. The level of the what comes out from your place is just too good really. Really nice balance on old and new, real personnality and impressive quality, just what I want to see ;)

    It is my 3rd nomination but it is still genuinely nice to feel some peopl appreciate what you write during long lunch breaks!
    Next post is about answering all those questions !

    1. Cheers mate; I try to keep it interesting. I can't wait to read your answers!