Sunday 14 February 2021

Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad: Three More Models Complete

My work on the Iron Warriors Tactical Support Squad for the Horus Heresy/30k setting has carried on at a good pace this week and I have now completed another three Legionaries for the unit.

I really like the way that the dark metal power armour contrasts so well with the red/orange ‘Mars-style’ bases. 

I must confess that it is only in recent years that I have recognised how important it is to choose a basing style and colour that compliments the overall miniature.

I’m also pleased with how the blue plasma coils on their weapons have come out, adding another spot colour to the models that really helps to break up those sharp lines of hard steel and grey.

Overall I am pleased with how these guys look and I am going to be pushing myself this week to get the final few models completed in order to bring the unit up to full strength!!

I cannot wait to finally get them on the table and see how so much plasma performs on the battlefield! I’m hoping to see enemy tanks reduced to molten slag... but in all likelihood I am actually going to watch ten expensive models immolate themselves in bright balls of superheated plasma!


  1. Lovely work on the Iron Warriors!

    What's your basing recipe?

    1. Cheers Mate. I’m really enjoying them!

      Base is as follows:

      1) Basecoat of Khorne Red.
      2) Liberal application of Martian Ironcrust (Texture paint).
      3) Drybrush of Kindleflame (Dry Paint).
      4) Paint rim Abbadon Black and add a little static grass!

      Voila.... job is a good’un!!

  2. Love he metal scheme too, have I missed the recipe for that?

    1. Hi mate.

      I’ve kept it relatively simple as I have so many models to do:

      1) Leadbelcher base
      2) Agrax Earthshade wash
      3) Necron Compound drybrush
      4) Stormhost Silver highlights

      And that’s it... I hope this helps!!

    2. Cheers fella, that’s simple and effective, I’d have missed the Necron Compound without asking but I think that’s the key to all the mid plate nuances of lights and darks of the Leadblecher that makes it look so effective. Stolen.