Tuesday 8 September 2020

Flesh Tearers Primaris Incursors

So after gradually getting back into the swing of things I have completed three of the new Space Marine Primaris Incursors...

I really like these guys and think they look suitably awesome and relatively realistic... in a sci-fi way!

I have painted them up for my ever growing Flesh Tearers Army where their ‘infiltrate’ ability will allow them to scout ahead of the main force and start harassing my opponent from turn one!

I will complete the squad with another two battle brothers ASAP so that the unit is at full strength!

Overall I am really pleased with how these guys have turned out, especially the computer-gizmo mounted on this chap’s wrist!!

As ever I am impressed with the Primaris aesthetic which made these guys a sheer joy to paint!


  1. Bloody gorgeous!
    You really know how to make the most of these minis!

    1. Cheers my friend!!! They are beautiful models to paint!!

  2. Man, I remember when wristwatch calculators were all the rage in the 80s... so glad to see they're finally making a comeback in the 41st millennium! So Cool!

    1. Hahaha!! I love reading old 40k fluff from the 80s/90s and seeing stuff they thought of as futuristic which we now use everyday... dataslates = ipads!!