Sunday 24 November 2019

Final Two Crimson Fist Devastators!!

This week I primarily worked on completing the outstanding two marines for the Crimson Fist devastator squad that I started on as part of my previous post.
These two fellas are made from the current Tactical Squad boxed set enhanced with a couple of Imperial Fist shoulder pad upgrades.

Despite the almost ubiquitous prevalence of the Primaris Marines since their release back in 2017 I still have a soft spot for the original Astartes models! Don’t misunderstand me... I think the Primaris sculpts are amazing, but I will always love their noble predecessors!!

I am particularly happy with how the marine with the grenade who is firing one-handed looks... it’s not a pose that I have used often but I think it is really effective.
Well that brings this squad up to full strength... so I’ll have to look at another project for next week!!


  1. That's amazing in so many ways. I've told this many times, but I love your personal painting style; these look simply perfect!

    1. Cheers Suber! I do love painting Space Marines!