Sunday 17 February 2019

Classic Sisters of Battle Imagifiers

So my plans to recreate the Battle at Sanctuary 101 continue at a pace! 

This week I decided bolster my Sororitas by painting up a couple of classic Sisters of Battle Imagifiers/Signifiers/Standard Bearers.

Previously I’ve never bothered including these models in my multiple Adepta Sororitas squads; however under the new Beta Rules from Chapter Approved 2018 they are really useful and make their nearby brethren far more effective.

I painted them using the same colours as the rest of my force, finishing them off with some transfers from the old 2002 Witch-hunters range.

Overall I’m really pleased with the look of these models and I’ll probably try and do a few more similar figures in order to reinforce some of my other squads!

Slowly the forces for this epic battle are gathering... I can’t wait for the game itself!


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers mate! They were a joy to paint! There’s something very satisfying about metal sculpts!

  2. Lovely work. It would be a shame if some soulless mechanical warriors ever tried to kill them...

    1. Thanks Suber! You’re right... but I’m sure their faith in the God-Emperor would preserve them!!