Sunday 13 January 2019

2018 Miniatures Review - A Complete Round Up

Last week I did a post reviewing all of the 40k scale Space Marines that I painted throughout 2018; so this time around I will look at all the other bits that I churned out over the course of the last year...

Early in the year I was still riding the Epic bandwagon from late 2017 and so I decided to knock out some characters and their transports for my Flesh Tearers 6mm force.

In general I usually only play the second edition version of epic from 1991 and so I decided to paint one each of all the commanders who have cards and can be fielded in that particular version of the game. 

I worked hard to get the most out of these 6mm models and I’m particularly happy with how the apothecary turned out.

With my Epic 6mm itch scratched I then went back to revisit my old school Genestealer Cult that I have been working on over the years. 

I generally use the old Orlock Necromunda models as Brood Brothers in this force, and so I painted up three heavy weapons troopers to provide some serious firepower for the cult.

I then also painted a couple of plastic Orlocks with lasguns to act as cannon fodder.

Next up I decided to do some more work on the Cult Force and I sourced a plastic 1989 Genestealer Hybrid.  I equipped this fella with a Plasma Pistol for busting open heavy armour.

I was lucky enough to be sent a pre-release miniature from ‘Fallout: Wasteland Warfare’ by the team at Modiphius to review on my blog. I painted this Brotherhood of Steel knight in the colour scheme from the Fallout 4 video game.

These models are absolutely gorgeous and as a result I have since purchased a load more in order to make myself a full force of Steel Knights. 

I can’t believe it took over 20 years to make some official Fallout models, but these were worth the wait.

Whilst digging around in my garage I found some old 1994 Catachans that had been sitting in my collection for the past 25 years. On looking at them I decided that they were sufficiently similar to the old Orlocks to fit in as some more great brood brothers. 

I’m particularly happy with the muscle striations on these fellas.

Keeping up with the old school theme I managed to acquire a very old and fairly rare 1988 Imperial Assassin from Rogue Trader. 

This was a beautiful model to paint and I used a colour scheme to match the more modern assassins that I painted back in 2017.

I had been wanting to do another non-imperial Force for some time and while digging through my boxes I discovered some Necrons that I had assembled and sprayed black about eight years ago. 

This proved to be the spur that I needed and so I set to work on painting these deadly robotic killers.... since then I have painted a total of 60 Necron Warriors and I’m now working on some Immortals to support them!

Finally I also found a piece of terrain in the form of a Skyshield Landing Pad that I had basecoated with Grey Primer a few years back and then never really done anything with. So I spent a full day sitting in my studio working on it and bringing it up to scratch.

Wow.... when coupled with the Space Marines that I painted in 2018 I have just realised that I actually had a really productive year. 

I’m very happy with both the overall amount and the general standard of painted miniatures that I have managed to produce in the last twelve months. I can only hope that 2019 is just as productive!


  1. Well, you certainly have been busy! I love the whole production; I have a soft spot for Epic, but everything was marvellous!

    1. Thanks Suber! Epic also holds a special place in my heart! I might have to do some more this year! Definitely time for a few more 6mm battles!

  2. Impressive output mate, keep it coming !

    1. Cheers JB!! I’m already cracking on with 2019’s first tranche of output!!