Sunday 28 October 2018

More Necrons!!

So another week of painting has yielded another 12 shiny Necron Warriors to add to my growing force of these undying metal killers!

Using the techniques that I covered in my Tutorial last week I was able to turn around these models in a fairly short timeframe.

I have to admit the joy of the Necrons is that they are ideal for building up a solid core of troops relatively swiftly... and they still look great!

As soon as I’d finished painting up the last squad of Warriors I then immediately set about preparing and assembling further Warriors and a squad of Immortals. My goal is to keep up a constant tempo and level of momentum so that I can get a playable force on the tabletop by the end of the year!!


  1. Wow, fast indeed. They look great, you are building a nice army in no time!

    1. Cheers mate! I’m looking forward to getting the infantry out of the way so I can focus on some bigger Necron constructs

  2. The pace of your output makes me wonder if maybe you are a machine! 😂