Saturday 11 August 2018

Flesh Tearers Space Marine Scouts

With my Drop Pods done and a few more characters finished off I decided to focus on bulking out the vital troops choices for my Flesh Tearers army.

After considering another tactical squad or some Primaris Intercessors I eventually settled on a squad of Space Marine Scouts.

These guys are quite useful as they are able to infiltrate and set up really close to the enemy which means that my opponent’s are under pressure from turn one.

I opted to equip the basic troops with sniper rifles as every shot has a one in six chance of causing a mortal wound in addition to any normal damage inflicted.

I gave one scout a missile launcher for a bit more firepower.

I decided to use the old metal scout models from 1997 as I think they just look a lot more realistic and in proportion than the later plastic models that replaced them in 2005.

I went for a nice light cream colour for the Scouts’ fatigues as I thought this would nicely contrast with the dark red and black of their carapace armour.

The camo cloaks were painted following the tutorial on Games Workshop’s website, I chose this particular scheme as the urban camo goes well with my predominantly city-themed terrain.

Overall I’m really happy with these guys; I think they look great and are going to be an effective unit on the battlefield!


  1. I've always loved these minis. They look gorgeous in those colours!

    1. Thanks Suber! I’m a big fan of the metal Scouts!!

  2. Nice! Love the camouflage cloaks!

    1. Cheers Tim... they took a while but they were worth it!