Friday 13 July 2018

Flesh Tearers Veteran Marine in MK III Iron Armour

With my Flesh Tearer’s Drop Pods finally completed and another few games under my belt I decided that it was time to start adding some more heavy infantry to these ferocious sons of Sanguinius.

As something of a venerable hobbyist I have found that in general my days of batch painting entire squads at a time are over. 

In truth I simply find the monotony of basecoating and highlighting ten to twenty troops at a time to be soul destroying.

As such I much prefer to let my creative juices flow and work on individual models as this is far more fun and indeed more manageable. 

In this case I have been working on a lone veteran Flesh Tearer Space Marine that can be used to represent a Captain; Lieutenant or even a Veteran Sergeant on the tabletop.

For this model I did some serious kit-bashing and used an eclectic selection of pieces to assemble the perfect miniature to represent this veteran warrior. 

The bulk of the model is taken from a Mk III plastic space marine from the ‘Burning of Prospero’ Horus Heresy boxset with weapons added from the Vanguard Veterans and Blood Angels Death Company boxes.

After the prolonged horror of assembling and painting those bloody drop pods this model was a breath of fresh air and I really enjoyed working on him. I find it much easier to express myself and achieve great results on individual infantry models!!

Armed with a Thunder Hammer and Inferno Pistol this veteran should be able to take on even the heaviest enemies with ease. He is equipped to provide a short-range, hard-hitting punch that very few foes could recover from and I look forward to seeing him perform on the tabletop!

As I said I have really enjoyed working on him and in light of this I think I’ll do another similar model next!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tim! I’m already working on another friend for him!!

  2. Dammit, it's gorgeous. I like the way you combined the pieces; as for the paintjob, just what the others said, it's so great!

    1. Thanks Suber! I really enjoy sourcing pieces from across the whole Space Marine range to get exactly the model I want!!

  3. The best work I have seen man. The Emperor is proud that His sons are remembered in their days of glory. Ave Imperator!

    Painting and Livery is some of the best and most detailed ever! You should be one Games Workshop hires for art and product design!

    1. Thanks for the kind words mate!! I’m glad you like them!! I am proud to have had models in White Dwarf once before!!