Sunday 24 June 2018

WIP: Flesh Tearers Drop Pods

So my latest project has been inspired by my recent efforts to update and re-touch my Flesh Tearer infantry models.

After having gone to great effort to produce such nice looking close combat troops I knew that I had to give them some form of transport in order to swiftly get them into melee with the enemy.

Given the close assault orientation of this force I decided that drop pods would be the ideal method of transportation for these warriors as they allow me to deliver a hammer blow right into the rear of my enemy’s lines.

Luckily I already posseses three of these models in my extensive pile of brand new unpainted plastic. 

In fact I have to confess that I have actually owned one of these models since the drop pod was initially released way back in 2004... I have just never got around to assembling and painting the damn thing.

...And this is where things went rapidly down hill. Normally I’m a fairly rapid painter and I am able to get my Miniatures painted and finished in a timely fashion.

However this has not been the case with the drop pods... Now I’m sure that every hobbyist feels this at some point for one of their projects; but I am really not enjoying the drop pods! 

Initially I found them okay to assemble; but there are so many working parts and the models are so complicated that I had to break them down into sub-assemblies. This is not a problem in itself but it makes the task so bloody monotonous... I now have fifteen doors; fifteen stabiliser fins and three central command consoles to do... and Jesus they are boring. 

So here we are five weeks after I started the damn project and they still aren’t finished. Nonetheless I absolutely refuse to quit... this I still force myself to sit down and do a little bit of work every night to get these bastards done. I feel like I am Captain Ahab and these drop pods have become my Moby Dick.

Oh well... at least I know when they are finally finished I will be able to take great pleasure watching my opponent’s face as they deliver thirty power armoured killers into the middle of his force!!


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha that’s them.... I’m having a WHALE of a time

  2. Just the fist pic is overwhelming. Don't fall into despair!!

    1. I know mate!! I’m gonna crack on... despite other projects calling to me!!!

  3. Replies
    1. I’m digging deep to finish these bad boys