Friday 17 March 2017

1995 Vindicare Assassin vs 2016 Vindicare Assassin

Can you believe it...1997 was 20 years ago!! That is absolutely mind-blowing! I can't quite believe how old this revelation has made me feel!

1997 is important for us as Oldhammeres as it was the last full year of WH40K Second Edition before the abomination that was Third Edition was introduced in 1998. It was also the year that the original Codex Assassins was released in a small free A4 pamphlet. 

This miniscule publication refined these sinister Imperial Agents and replaced the old generic assassin with four distinct temples each of which specialised in dealing a different form of death to the foes of the Emperor.

As a tribute to that publication and the fantastic models that went along with it I have decided to set myself a little challenge. I am going to paint one of each of this classic models (which were actually sculpted in 1995 according to their base tabs) alongside their recent plastic replacements.

That's right, 2016 saw these venerable old models retired and replaced with some new plastic equivalents as part of the GW boxed game EXECUTION FORCE. So now I will paint the old and the new models alongside each other in order to see who is really king of the assassins.

First up we have the deadly snipers of the Vindicare Temple; ruthless killers who prefer slaying their opponents from a distance. 

I really love snipers and I have adored this metal model ever since it was released (I actually painted one back in the day...put it is was an abomination best left forgotten). 

The metal model is a wonderful miniature with great lines and a lot of character to it.

However... I have to admit that the new replacement is equally lovely and it is clear that the sculptor has lovingly followed the original model's general design and it is more of a homage than a replacement.

These two models do still go well when put together, and I do like the sculpted ruins that form part of the modern assassin's base. 

However when they are placed side-by-side the scale creep of the last two decades becomes obvious, the newer model is considerably larger (compare the rifles in the photos) and as such it needs to be mounted on the newer 32mm bases.

Painting-wise these were both a joy to paint and I am really pleased with the final effect I have achieved. Unfortunately this has been dulled down slightly since applying varnish but they are gaming pieces so I need to protect them. I am particularly pleased with my home-made verdigris on the brass elements of the ruined masonry.

Next up I'll be doing the Callidus Assassins.... watch this space!


  1. Great idea for a project. I am a little worried though, about what you plan to achieve with eight assassins!

    1. Cheers mate! For me its about the sense of it might actually be thirteen assassins.

      1 x Each of the modern plastics
      1 x Each of the old metals (each type of assassin had two different a total of eight)
      1 x Original Imperial Assassin from 1989!

      Hmmm I don't know what I'll do with them game-wise... I might teach my friend and his over-powered army the meaning of the word humility lol!

  2. Wonderful, looking forward to the rest of your... gasp... thirteen assasins :O :O

    1. Cheers Suber... just been painting two Callidus Assassins today!! Hopefully they'll also be done soon too!

  3. An excellent project! I think I still prefer the older metal version though...

    1. Cheers Steve! I agree with you mate! I prefer the metal one too!

  4. Very well done. For some reason, I'm particularly drawn to the purple straps.

    1. Cheers mate. Yeah I was a bit unsure about the purple straps to start with but now they're done I really like them!

    2. If you don't mind me asking what paints did you use for those purples?

    3. Khorne Red basecoat
      Nuln oil was
      Pink horror highlight

      Worked quite well I think