Sunday 11 December 2016

FROSTGRAVE: Necromancer and Warband

Well last week I posted photos of the 'good guy' FROSTGRAVE warband that I had painted up as part of a commission for Osprey publishing; which means that this week it's clearly the turn of the baddies!

The second warband Joe and the FROSTGRAVE team asked me to paint was for an Evil Necromancer and his band of miscreants.

The Necromancer and his apprentice were metal miniatures from the FROSTGRAVE range, whilst the rest of the group were drawn from the Cultists box set produced by North Star.

Here we have the evil Necromancer in the midst of casting a wicked spell, assisted by his apprentice who wields a tome of unspeakable magic!

Ranged firepower is provided by this pair of bow wielding deviants.

A hooded thug and similarly clad barbarian add some melee capability to the warband...

...which is further enhanced by this thief and another thug...

...And finally another two thugs armed with wicked looking curved swords!

As per the first warband I spent an awful lot of time on these miniatures ensuring that I delivered the best possible product to the buyer.

I chose to use purple and grey as the continuity colours on these guys in order to draw them together as a cohesive force on the tabletop. My paints were from both the Citadel and Foundry ranges which complement each other nicely.

Overall I am pleased with how these guys have turned out and I can't wait to see what use the guys at Osprey put them to!


  1. Love the way your purples came out!

    1. Cheers mate;

      It's Foundry's Royal Purple A, B & C paints with a little extra black added to the initial shading layer. I find it delivers a much deeper purple than the citadel equivalent. I was thinking about using it to paint some 30k Emperor's Children Space Marines!

  2. Lovely work on these. A great colour scheme.

    1. Thanks preacher; I think they contrast nicely with the goodies from last week