Monday 15 July 2013

Group shot as promised.....

Ask and ye shall recieve....I have uploaded a group shot of my Rogue Trader Marines.

Apologies that the quality isn't great but I will try to re-shoot it when the lights better...


  1. Thank you sir! Very nice indeed!

  2. I think I might look at giving them an RT land raider or land speeder next....

  3. I had a good look through all your posts, very nice work! Great painting on some wonderful old skool models! I'm also a fan of the classic Rhino, managed to pick up a couple for reasonable prices not too long ago. One now belongs to my Crimson Fist marines and the other is seconded to my Imperial Army platoon!

  4. Hi fella. Not sure if you are still interested in the blogging lark but if you are could you add the followers gadget to your blog? It makes it so much easier to read blog posts.

  5. Hello mate;

    I am indeed still blogging (after an enforced break)!

    I would be happy to add this feature! I'm a bit of a techno-idiot so if someone could tell me how to add it I would be very grateful!!

    1. Aah, life. Always getting in the way.

      Head to your blog layout first. Click on add a gadget. The list that pops up is the basic list. Look at the options at the top left of the gadgets pop-up and underneath basics you should see 'more gadgets'. Click that and scroll down, you are looking for 'Followers'. It is the 25th one, bottom of first page on my list. The description doesn't sound too exciting but it's become the most accessible way to follow an unlimited number of blogs!

      Thanks in advance, I will check back shortly to join up.

  6. I think I've worked out....can someone let me know if it's working! Cheers!!

  7. Cheers mate! Much obliged!!!!
    There's a new post up too!

  8. great RTB01 marines I've been building a similar force for a couple of years myself.

    My blog's got some shots of them on it.